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Received orders for cargo handling hoses for cement tankers (2 vessels)

We recently received an order for cement pressure hoses for cement cargo handling from European ship owner.
As an overseas distributor of Oji Rubber & Chemicals Co., Ltd., a top manufacturer in the industrial hose industry, we are expanding our business mainly in Europe.
In the midst of this, we have received orders for cargo handling hoses for two cement tankers from our European customer, and have successfully completed shipments to Europe.
The company currently has many tankers dedicated to cement, and will continue to focus on receiving orders for these cement cargo handling hoses in cooperation with the manufacturer of Oji Rubber & Chemicals Co., Ltd.,

Exported Diesel Generator engine set to the Cement carrier of European Ship owner.

In this time, Kansai Shipping Co., Ltd. arranged a good condition of used Diesel Generator set to European ship owner..
Fortunately we found this Gene. Set in good condition here in Japan. The engine was packed by us, placed in a container and then shipped to the European port..

In this way, we also arrange used Engines and export them all over the world.